Wisconsin Permaculture Convergence 2020

I hope this Convergence update finds you thriving on Spring energy!

Since 2014, the Wisconsin Permaculture Convergence (WPC) has brought people together to skill share and create community around the idea that we can regenerate our Eco and Social systems. The convergence is a place where people commune and pass along essential skills to all generations who are working in their communities to ensure resilience. While the convergence has been a huge success it requires energy and love from participants, session leaders and organizers.

The convergence team has consisted of multiple people in the Permaculture community who have provided their knowledge, wisdom and connections which has been integral to success each year. Over the past few months, the core team members on the Convergence planning team has decided to take a break in 2019. All of the members have other wicked cool projects and family endeavors they would like to put their energy towards in 2019.

We plan on picking back up where we left off in 2020.

While the convergence will not be happening in 2019 please keep your eye out for workshops and other events that the convergence outreach avenues will hope to support this year.

Here is a great opportunity from the Low Technology Institute located just south of Madison in Cooksville. Scott Johnson is the lead organizer for this event and has been a session leader at past convergences.

Low Technology Institute

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