Why I Volunteer for the Wisconsin Permaculture Convergence

Hello and welcome... my name is Effie and I have volunteered for the Wisconsin Permaculture Convergence for the past three years and am entering my fourth. If you have attended the event, we probably met at the welcome tent for event registration. I have had a great experience meeting so many different people interested in and purveying permaculture. It is inspiring to listen to and learn of your stories and adventures.

It is a gift to converge with others in our local region and I find experiencing this event completing fulfilling. It renews me to be around so much good energy working towards the common goal of creating and building sustainable environments. The event itself continues to fuel my passion for permaculture and the planning helps me stay connected with my permaculture peers. 

Working with the planning team has been one of the most enjoyable collaborative experiences in my life. I am privileged to work with passionate peers inspired by permaculture to design and create a welcoming environment for any who care to share in, learn from, and experience a regional gathering celebrating permaculture and its community. The team I work with collaborates with care for one another and all those involved with this event. Their leadership is impassioned and inspirational. 

Also, this volunteer experience provides the opportunity for me to give back to a community which has so richly provided for me. It has provided a place where I can connect with others, where I can learn, and where I can lead others to inspiration and knowledge. Where I can utilize and share my skills and experiences from working in the entertainment industry; planning, coordinating, and leading a variety of events. Now I just do it permaculture style. 

This is one of the most enriching experiences of my life with new places to visit and new things to come each year. I look forward to the work and all that it has to offer. The diverse leadership and wide skill set of the people that volunteer, lead sessions, and attend this event contribute to the organic growth and cultivation of each years successes. It truly is the people that make the volunteer work worthy of doing and enjoyable to do so. 

One final reason why I volunteer, the founder of the Wisconsin Permaculture Convergence, Drew Carlson. His dream has developed into a wonderful reality thanks to his inspiration, hard work, and much devoted time. His commitment to this venture in creating a regional permaculture community gathering where all feel welcome and inspired is motivation enough to continue to volunteer. I also can't forget Kate and Josh. These two have been instrumental to its birth and development. Thanks for helping to create this opportunity. 

Thanks for pursuing permaculture. And, thanks to all those who have supported this venture. I hope to see you at this coming years convergence where we return to the first site in Rio, WI. Let's make this fifth year a true celebration of our permaculture community in Wisconsin.

Your permaculture friend,


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